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Our winemaking philosophy is based on highlighting the tipicity of the terroir while respecting the characteristics of the grape and maintaining the freshness of the fruit.

el buen alfarero
El Buen Alfarero
Tinaja Wine - 120 €

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The Terroirs

vino tinto crianza pradorey valdelayegua
Finca Valdelayegua
Crianza - 12,60 €

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Finca La Mina
Reserva - 21 €

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Finca RSV
Gran Reserva - 40 €

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The Young With Barrel Ageing

vino tinto pradorey roble
7,25 €

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pradorey rosado fermentado en barrica
7,35 €

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verdejo selección especial
Verdejo Selección
9,95 €

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The wine of the Family

La historia de este vino se remonta al nacimiento de Javier Cremades de Adaro en 1924. Un apasionado del vino cuyo sueño siempre fue elaborar vinos únicos y fieles a la tierra.

Crianza - 18 €

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The Young

vino blanco verdejo pradorey
5,75 €

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vino blanco sauvignon blanc
PR Sauvignon
6,90 €

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The innovators

elite pradorey
27 €

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el cuentista
El cuentista
15 €

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lia vino rosado
6 €

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pr3 barricas
PR3 Barricas
15 €

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Visit the winery

PRADOREY has always been a unique, privileged setting to rest and enjoy a variety of food, ecotourism and wine tourism activities organised by our wine tourism department, both for private individuals and for companies.

Visit the winery
from 12€...

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Culinary Tour
from 35 €...

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Posada Real
from 75 €...

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Underground Winery
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